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Reviews of Stranger in the MirrorFran Shaff, Award-Winning Author of Romance and Children's Novels

Laraine Barker is simply masterful as she unfolds her heroine's story in STRANGER IN THE MIRROR. This excellent novel keeps the reader glued to its pages. The use of first person greatly enhances the suspense and puts the reader directly inside the skin of the heroine. Do not under any circumstances miss this story. STRANGER IN THE MIRROR is terrific, and Laraine Barker's words are pure pleasure to read.

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Fran actually emailed me telling me she had given only one or two 5-star reviews, “so this should indicate how good I believe your book is. Congratulations on doing such fine work." She then asked if she could mention my book and its fine quality on the readers’ loops that she frequented, if I didn’t object. Now, how can an author object to something like that?

Wanda Maynard of Sime~Gen gives Stranger in the Mirror five stars and writes:

The way the author, Laraine Anne Barker, dotted romance throughout each chapter gave the story Stranger in the Mirror more feeling. It was as if the two lovers had found each other for the first time in their lives. Had they? One thing stood out in my mind though. It was the fact that the two characters, once they found each other, didn’t realize how important each was to the other until he had to go away.

To find out what happened to the girl, you need to read the book, Stranger in the Mirror. Laraine Anne Barker deserves five stars for this suspenseful romance. I didn’t want to put it down. Even after I read it, the book left an impact on me.

Linda L at Fallen Angel Reviews gives Stranger in the Mirror five angels and writes:

I couldn’t stop reading Stranger in the Mirror after I began the first page. The way Ms. Barker molds the first chapter had me flipping the pages to see if the character would find her answers. Inquiring minds wanted to know and this was one of them. The suspense keeps building and building, making the adrenalin skyrocket for answers. I was reminded of one of those black and white movies where the narrator keeps the reader intrigued and just when everything seems it is about to come to a conclusion, there is a rough turn in the road, only making things more suspenseful. Each time the character wanted to see a mirror, I wondered was she in some twilight zone episode. This romance is full of mystery and has all the right elements making it a classy read. Laraine Anne Barker definitely hooked this reader in this story that is a recommended read. The full review is here.

Reviewed by: Linda L.

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