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Quest for Earthlight

The Obsidian Quest | Lord of Obsidian | The Third Age of Obsidian
For more information about this trilogy go to The blurbs I wrote for Earthlight as requested by a publisher
Reviews for The Obsidian Quest

The Chronicles of Lazaronia

Mark Willoughby and the Impostor-King of Lazaronia | The Dragons of Lazaronia
The One Marked by Willow | Riders of the White Unicorn | Albishadewe: Quest for the Unicorn
The Sorceresses of Lazaronia | The Unicorns of Lazaronia | Silvranja of the Silver Forest
Iggie,“Small Sorcerer” | Albishadewe, “Great White One” | Rahti of Lazaronia | Dahrya ”Daughter of the Gods

Romantic Suspense Novels

Stranger in the Mirror | Stalker from Her Past
Stranger in the Mirror was published by Awe-Struck E-Books, Inc. in September 2005.
Stalker From Her Past was published by Awe-Struck E-Books, Inc. in July 2008.
Reviews for Stranger in the Mirror
Reviews for Stalker from Her Past

Some novels have more than one excerpt.
These are accessible on links at the bottom of the previous extract.

A Complete Tale from Lazaronia

Ash, The Crippled Grey Dragonling

My Prize-winning Story

The Little Dragon Without Fire
Now available as a short chapter e-book from DiskUs Publishing | Reviews for The Little Dragon Without Fire
Review in print for The Little Dragon Without Fire
Critique for The Little Dragon Without Fire from the competition that this story won

Another Short Chapter Book still looking for a home

The Birth of Flame the Tame and Flare the Fearless, Dragons of Lazaronia

Free E-book Download

Download Page for My Free E-Book and a story for you to tell others.

A Complete Story in Goosebumps tradition

Christmas Shopping Can Be Deadly:

Another Chilling Complete Story

Old Grumpy

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