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DACHSHUND literally means “badger dog” (Dachs = badger and Hund = dog). Notice that because Dachshund, Dachs and Hund are nouns they have capital letters. In Germany these days, because the miniature version was bred to hunt foxes and rabbits rather than badgers, the breed is more likely to be referred to as Teckel and they are kept mainly as pets. We currently have four: Krystal (Drysdale Krystal Waters), who is termed as shaded red; Sanneke of Caprera, a dark shaded cream; Abban of Caprera, who is lighter than Sanneke and happens to be her grandson, and Callyanne Jessika, who is black and tan. In Auckland our dogs never failed to attract a lot of admiration from children when I took them for walks.

Like many people, we give our dogs all sorts of “pet” namesnot always polite! Krystal often gets “Crystal Balls”, sometimes “Krystal Pistol” or “The Golden Girl of the West” (a misquote of the title of an opera, The Girl of the Golden West) and Sanneke gets called Sahnee Sausage. Since her grandson came into our home she has also acquired the name Nana Sanneke. Collectively we often refer to them as “A Tangle of Teckels”, sometimes “The Slinky Minkies”. The references to the west are simply because at the time we lived in the western suburbs of Auckland City.

   In case you don’t know what a Dachshund looks like, here’s a photograph of one.

Photograph of Nicky
This is Nicky. (Click here for a larger picture).
Wisdom dogonified? Nohe looks simply alert rather than “Great Uncle Bulgarian”. Unfortunately, we had to call in the vet on Sunday, 2 October 2005, to end Nicky’s life. We had so hoped he would die quietly in his sleep. He would have been 17 at the end of the month of his death.
Duke’s fans can still see him here. Duke is no longer with us but is the only dog we have ever owned who became a top champion, collecting at least eight champion challenge certificates before he came to us at four and a half years.
Krystal’s fans can find her here. Sadly, Krystal had to be put to sleep at 10am, Thursday, 7 July 2011. She was about a month and a half from her seventeenth birthday.
A friend created this thread painting of Nicky (on her Elna sewing machine). I’ve rescanned it at 100% but even that doesn’t do justice to Stella’s wonderful artistic skills and her amazing ability on the sewing machine.

Jezika, our fly-weight “titchy bitchy” (because of her small size) and “fidget Bridget” (because she seldom seemed able to sit still for long) is no longer with us. We had to take our dear little Jess to the vet on 27 February 2006 to have her put to sleep. She had cancer. Right through her life Jess was very difficult to photograph. She had a strange habit of putting on a stupid look when a camera was pointed in her direction. Finally, however, we managed to buy our own digital camera and after many attempts Roger came up with this. Unfortunately, Jess spoiled the effect slightly by having a leaf in her ear!

But this is my favourite portrait of Jess. Roger was stoutly ticked off for missing Jess’s right ear and, more particularly, the end of her chin. But that expression is positively heart-melting. Poor Jess was only eleven and a half years old.

And here, at last, is a photograph of Sanneke of Caprera. Sanneke, came to us around October 2001. She was ten in January 2008 and is the mother of one litter of pups, including the stunning Sergeant Major of Caprera, who became a “major” champion before his tragic and untimely death around the age of seven. Apart from being called Sahnee Sausage, Sanneke also gets “Spook” (because Roger says that with her extremely large and dark eyes in a very pale face she reminds him of Casper the Friendly Ghost). So I sometimes also call her Spook the Pook or Pook the Spook. This picture was taken with a borrowed digital camera. Sadly, it was Sanneke’s turn to go to the great doggy playground in the sky at 10am on Boxing Day 2011. She would have been 15 on her next birthday (8 January).

And here is Abban of Caprera. Abban is a replacement for Nicky and is Sanneke’s grandson, son of Sergeant Major of Caprera. We weren’t going to replace Nicky but this little fellow couldn’t stay with his first owner, who proved to be allergic to dogs, and his breeder offered him to us. It was as though Nicky’s spirit was telling us we had to replace him. He was three months old when this photo was taken. Now look at him, at five and a half months! It’s so hard to believe his colouring could change so much in such a short time. And here he is as an adult.

Well, here it is 7 August and I’ve just got to putting up a photo of our new little Jess (Callyanne Jessika). Abban is now nearly two years old and he never stopped play-soliciting Sanneke and Krystal despite their reluctance, so we considered he well and truly deserved a playmate. Wherever Jessika is Abban is never far away, and vice versa. Jess was 10 weeks old when this was taken. As I update this page (29 September 2008) Jessika is already nearly a year and eight months!

If you live in America, incidentally, and would like to give a home to a Dachshund needing rescue, see
The Dachshund Rescue Site

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