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Tuna Fish Pie

1 425-g tin of tuna in water, drained
1 onion finely chopped
1 tsp curry powder (I normally use Vencat)
1 tsp green herb stock powder (or ½ tsp salt)
3 TB flour
2 TB finely chopped parsley or parcel (preferably the latter)
1½ c milk
Mashed potato with butter, salt and pepper (about 4 average size potatoes)
Grated tasty Cheddar cheese

Sweat onion until soft, add flour, mixing well, then slowly add milk, stirring all the time. Cook until bubbling, then mix in curry powder, stock and parsley or parcel. Pour over the drained tuna and mix well. Don’t break up the fish too much; it’s better with some texture. Place in pie dish, top with potato, rough up the surface and then sprinkle with cheese and cook at about 200°C until golden brown and piping hot.

Serves 4.

I devised this recipe when I decided I simply couldn’t face tuna fish cakes. I’m not at all fond of canned tuna; I’d rather have salmon. But my husband and my sister-in-law prefer tuna and when you cook for fussy adults you have no choice but to prepare only food that everyone will eat. When you cook for someone in her eighties you also have to put up with food that needs very little chewing. Anyone want to swap families with me?

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