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Double Chocolate Banana Muffins

A great treat for a special occasion, or if you just want to use up bananas that are too ripe to eat.

Wet Ingredients:
3 bananas (preferably very ripe)
½ cup sugar
1 cup milk
1 egg
100 g butter, melted

Dry Ingredients:
¼ cup cocoa
1½ cups flour
½ raised (but not heaped) tsp baking soda
1 raised tsp cream of tartar

½ cup or more of chocolate chips (I tend not to measure them, I’m afraid)

Grease (or spray) 12 medium muffin pans, preferably non-stick. Or use paper muffin cups as they do in coffee shops. Prepare wet ingredients by breaking the bananas into a bowl and beating them well with a hand cake mixer. Mashing them like this means there will be no lumps. Beat in sugar, followed by milk, egg and melted butter.

Sift dry ingredients into another bowl and mix well with a fork. Pour the wet ingredients onto the dry and, using a folding action with a metal spoon, mix until the dry ingredients are just dampened. This means the mixture will look lumpy. If you mix it too much the muffins will turn out tough. Divide the mixture among the twelve muffin pans. I heap the mixture onto a tablespoon and still find there is a little left over, which I add to the pans that seem to be less full. Sprinkle each muffin generously with chocolate chips and bake at about 200-210° C (400° F) for about 15 minutes until the tops spring back when touched. It can be tricky to work out when they are cooked (and overcooking tends to make all cake-type goodies dry) because of the chocolate chips.

Leave in the pans to cool for 3 minutes before turning out (using a plastic knife is helpful) and placing close together on a folded kitchen paper towel to cool.

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