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Tangy Uncooked Lemon Cheesecake

This is not particularly a budget recipe. As I write this (2 (September 2012), it costs me about $12 to make. But it would cost $42-44 to buy! Yes, you can buy cheesecakes in the supermarket for a lot less than $12, but they are universally horrible. I’ve found even cakes from The Cheesecake Shop are not worth buying, though I doubt they cost as much as $42. I even avoid cheesecake in restaurants and cafes; they are always too sweet.

Biscuit crumb crust:
1 packet of plain sweet biscuits (digestives are particularly good) or make a batch of the biscuits from my Marshmallow Puff recipe
100g butter, melted

1 lemon jelly and 1/4 cup of sugar, or 2 lemon jellies
Juice of 2 lemons made up to 1/2 cup (bottled lemon juice is fine)
1/2 cup water
Zest from 2 lemons

500g cream cheese (not fat reduced)
150ml cream, whipped

Using only one jelly, with extra sugar, makes for a softer cake. Try both and see which you prefer.

Crumb the biscuits, add the butter and mix well. Pour into a greased square or oblong cake tin, pat down firmly and place in refrigerator to set.

Dissolve jelly/jellies (and sugar if used) in the water and lemon juice over medium heat. Don't let it boil. Leave until partly set, whip until thick, add zest and whip again.

Beat the softed cream cheese, then beat this into the whipped jelly mixture. Finally, fold in the whipped cream. You can do this with a hand mixer on a fairly low speed. Pour into prepared crumb crust and leave in fridge until set. For a really high cake (or simply a bigger one) use both 2 jellies and a 250gm carton of sour cream (real sour cream; not milk cultured in some way to slightly resemble sour cream). Beat the sour cream into the cream cheese before adding the whipped cream.

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