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My first fan letter


I have reproduced this exactly as it came to me. J




Hello, Mrs. Barker,
Do you like dogs and trees? My sister likes your books and she is helping me spell and write this letter. She says:
Hi, Mrs. L. Anne Barker! I adore you! You are the BEST WRITER EVER!!!! I am sorry for Cilly, or Cylinthia, my younger sister. She really does live up to her name! Sorry about the 'Barker' thingy. I can't backspace it, because she'll tell, and I'll get punished.I'm glad she can't read, or ELSE; MOM! MOM! Okay, Cilly, it's your turn.

Can you write about me, please? I'm a very intresing(the way she said it, I can't help but pull a prank on her;older sis)girl. I don't like Barbies, but my friend does. I wanna(the way she said it-O.S,older sis) get a pony. I love ponies. Ponies are great. I love fairies too. Fairies are great. My friend is skating. She thinks she knows how to ice skate. It's summer, and there's no ice, so she is pullinna(work of O.S.)lie. (O.S.-Cilly doesn't know about the invention of indoor skating rinks yet).

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